Joanie Madden

The leader of Cherish The Ladies is a first generation Irish American born and raised in New York. Her mother is from County Clare and her father Joe, an All-Ireland champion on the accordion, is from County Galway. Learning her skills at home, she began taking whistle lessons from Jack Coen, and within five years became the World Champion on both the whistle and the concert flute. In 1984, Joanie became the only American to ever win the Senior All-Ireland Championship on the whistle. She is the youngest member ever to be inducted into the Irish-American Musicians Hall of Fame. Recipient of the Wild Geese Award, she was also named the 1997 Traditional Musician of the Year. Over the years, she has performed on over a hundred albums including three Grammy award-winning records and has three solo albums; "A Whistle on the Wind", "Song of the Irish Whistle" and "" and "Songs of the Irish Whistle, Vol. 2". Song of the Irish Whistle was recently ranked the most successful whistle album in history, selling over 280,000 copies.


A Whistle on the Wind

Song of the Irish Whistle

Songs of the Irish Whistle, Vol. 2